Solar power for businesses and commercial property owners provides multiple benefits:

We analyze entire property portfolios for renewable energy and battery opportunities, provide individual site technical and financial feasibility analysis, and manage projects through completion:
• Retail
• Manufacturing
• Warehousing / Cold Storage
• Office Complexes
• Country Clubs (profit / nonprofit)
• RV Resorts
• Battery Storage
Solar power results in lower operating costs through the reduced use of grid-supplied electricity.  In the case of commercial businesses, it can also lead to additional revenue by leveraging your use of clean, green energy when marketing to potential customers.
Presently, commercial solar power systems are more affordable than at any time in their history.  The cost of solar panels and related components has continued to decline.  In addition, the Federal Investment Tax Credit and state incentives are still available.  The smart business decision is to switch to solar now, as solar power in many areas has become less expensive than buying electricity solely from the utility.  With special financing options, you may be able to install a new solar power system for your business for little or no upfront capital.  The benefits can offset your repayment of the system; essentially letting solar pay for itself!
With today’s low cost for solar, federal and state incentives, plus multiple financing options, the payback on solar is greater and quicker than many business owners believe.